Laptop Hardware Repair Training


Christopher - December 1, 2015, 6:35 pm - submitted in Services - 263 view(s)

You don't have to be a computer engineer or technician to be able to fix laptops. Laptop repair can be done by anyone with the right skills and knowledge, Whether for personal or financial gain. CTEC SERVICES Port Harcourt is giving you the opportunity to learn laptop hardware repairs and maintenance with a one day, one on one Laptop repair Training/Coaching session.
During your one day, one on one training, you will be taught the necessary skills and given the required tools to be able to:
* Disassemble and assemble any kind of Laptop computer
* Diagnose and fix all laptop hardware and software problems using practical examples.
* Create and use a powerful multi-purpose Windows PC repair/diagnostic tool which can be used
* To repair all kinds of Operating System and software related issues such as Black screen of death, blue screen of death, software malfunction etc.
* To rescue a computer from all sorts of viruses, malwares, trojans that may cause an Operating System crash.
*To resolve issues such as overheating, slow performance and others.
*To backup a computer's hard drive that is unable to be accessed by the installed Windows OS.
*To access files (bypass) any admin password protected computer without admin permission (educational use only).
* To run a live Linux OS on your Windows PC.
* Used as a hacking tool: contains tons of hacking tools (for educational use only)
Contact CTEC SERVICES now on the phone number given below for more info and to fix a date for your one day, one on one Laptop repair training.