Woman Attempts Murder Twice And Goes Scout Free


Ezenagu.nnenna .isabella - March 10, 2012, 1:00 pm - submitted in Viewpoint - 559 view(s)

Mrs chioma okeke,who naturally is a nagging woman,as reported by neighbors .

who also beats up her husband often tried stabbing her husband/hubby to death again in their apartment ,a rented self contain apartment on the 8th of march year 2012,but was deprived the opportunity by neighbors.

Mr Okeke had no choice but to abscond from the house the next day after the second attack,leaving wife with kids.

Mrs Chioma Okeke is now on her way to the village,since she cant afford to pay the bills for the house that has expired a month earlier and carter for the children alone.but residents/people fear that she might repeat act in future to someone else(she being a threat to national security.