Plane Crash: More Than 100 Dead And Several Injured In Indonesia


NairaWall - June 30, 2015, 5:01 pm - submitted in Viewpoint - 217 view(s)

A military transport plane has crashed in a residential area of Medan in Indonesia, killing at least 100 people and injured several on Tuesday

BBC says that the Hercules C-130 crashed into two houses and a car before bursting into flames.

According to the military, the plane which had at least 12 crew members and a total of 113 people on board, came down soon after take-off.

Officials also noted that about 50 bodies had been recovered from the plane wreckage and taken to hospital.

BBC also said that only the tail of the airplane was recognisable, adding that the other parts were burnt to debris.

However, a major rescue operation is under way at the crash site which is still covered in flames and thick black smoke.