Mtn Surprises On Data Plan; Get 4.5gb For Only 2500


NairaWall - November 20, 2014, 7:13 am - submitted in Technology - 1,903 view(s)

I got this surprise text from mtn, I think
am impressed by their effort.

I think its 4.5gig all day and not the public
misconception of 1.5gig 3gig.I did confirm this
from their customer representative.

How Do I activate this offer?
==>Load your phone with #2,500
==>send 120 to 131 and it will be activated for you.

Does it Work on All Smartphone and PC?
Yes, it works on all smartphone and PC.
The question now is, will you rather go for this new
Mtn smartphone plan or rather you'll stick to Air tel 4GB for #1500?

Credit: Gifted World