List Of Schools In Festac Town


Mariam Shaba - March 7, 2012 - submitted in Education - 12,582 view(s)

Education plays a major role in Festac Town, Amuwo Odofin to uplight the younger mind and direct their footstep to the right part in life,

Furthermore, with this trend student have a means to shun violent behaviour and embrace development through education.

Festac Town, Amuwo Odofin can boast of different level of educational institution, where learning is given to student with the view of building the nation’s labour force that can reckon with the rest of the world, little wonder that most pupil from Festac Town outwit their counterpart in different competition that has taken place in different areas of Lagos State like the spelling bee, Rotary Debate, etc

Public Primary and secondary Schools:
2nd Avenue Nursery and Primary school, 23/24 Road, Festac Town
3rd Avenue Primary School
4th Avenue Nursery and Primary School, 401 Road, Festac Town
5th Avenue Primary School, 5th Avenue
7th Avenue Nursery and primary School, between R and S Close, 7th Avenue
Central Nursery and Primary School, 5th Avenue, Opposite Celestial Church of Christ, Festac Town, Lagos
U.P.E Primary School, Festac Town, Lagos
Festac Girls’ Secondary School, 3rd Avenue, W Close, Festac Town, Lagos
Festac Junior Grammar School (formerly Festac Grammar School), 4th Avenue, 401 Road, Festac Town, Lagos
Festac Senior Grammar School (formerly Festac Grammar School), 4th Avenue, 401 Road, Festac Town, Lagos
Festac College, 24 Road, Festac Town, Lagos

Private Primary and Secondary Schools:
Ambassador College, 6th Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos
Debora Cox, 24 Road Festac Town
Dr. Soyemi Memorial School
Early Life Nursery and Secondary, End of 3rd Avenue, Festac Town
Emdee Nursery and Primary School, 322 Road, 3rd Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos
Fastrack International School, 4th Avenue, Festac Town
Foresight school, 24 Road, Festac Town, Lagos
Happy Children International School, 7th Avenue, 72 Road Junction, Festac Town
Jomal Comprehensive College, 22 Road, Festac Town
Junifpride International Private School, 7th Avenue, H Close, Festac Town
Kabe College. 24 Road, Festac Town
Kingstep Schools, 7th Avenue, J1 Close, Festac Town, Lagos
Loral International Secondary School
Radiance Nursery and Primary School, 1st Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos
Radiance High School, 41 Road, Before Texaco Filling Station, Festac Town, Lagos
S-tee International Secondary School, 5th Avenue, Festac Town
St. Jude Schools, 5th Avenue, Festac Town
Tender Touch College, 1st Avenue, H Close, Festac Town

Apart from all this we have other vocational training Institute for learning:
Magdonic Computer, 22 Road, Nitel Junction, Festac Town, Lagos
New Horizons, 1st Avenue, Festac Town
NIIT, 22 Road, Festac Town
Super-link Computer College, 23 Road, Oyinlola Shopping Mall, Festac Town, Lagos
Chartered Institute of Administration, Plot 1666, House 15b, 7th Avenue, Festac Town

Education is the best legacy from generation to generation.