Man Steals Another's Pennis.


Ezenagu.nnenna .isabella - March 10, 2012, 1:22 pm - submitted in Viewpoint - 385 view(s)

Recently in Tedi town Lagos Nigeria ,along Tola Ogunmade road a petty trader by the name Mr Idris, was attending to one Mr Steven (customer) when he was mysteriously robbed of his penis almost immediately as he was handing the man his purchase.

Mr Idris quickly grabbed the culprit shouting for help when help came Mr Steven was beaten and taken to the nearby police where he returned the penis back to the owner after reciting some chants.

But before he was searched, he quickly removed his Sim card from his phone and swallowed it smashed his phone on the wall waiting for his death Mr Steven an apprentice learning trade is still in police custody and yet to confess.