In The Hands Of Ritualist : Girls Beware (photo)


NairaWall - August 25, 2016, 8:14 am - submitted in Viewpoint - 434 view(s)


So help us God... The rate of which girls are missing in auchi polytechnic auchi n being killed, only God will save us but still, those girls are still going after boys n men with flashy cars, them no fit wise up. 4 girls was missing n after few weeks this girl was found at back of campus 2 with her 2 eyes plucked out, another body was found in eki girls road with all her body parts removed,only her gold was left on her neck.. N now a girl who was declared missing in 1st bawark her body has been found in second bawark.2 other girls is also missing. 1 from the school hostel n 1 from banking n finance department HND1.
I wan to plead with all girls in auchi n outside auchi, election is close stop chasing after quick money that will end up your life n most of the guys in auchi are not yahoo boys as they claim to be, driving cars around and using young girls to make money.
Those who have ears let them hear n be careful. Thank God for the little you have n he will multiply it if you work hard with faith...